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Blog Sale: Nail Polish (OPI, China Glaze, ORLY, Deborah Lippman, Blaze, Nubar, Etude House, Nature Republic, The Face Shop)

Hi all,
I am clearing all my stash of nail polish due to moving out/ relocation.
All the nail polish are taken care of greatly, I wipe it clean whenever I use.
Most of the nail polish are either used only couple times or brand new.
Price inclusive normal mail shipping.
bulk purchase, please contact me directly.

do email me if you have further queries (

China Glaze
left to right:
Peachy Keen
Mahogany Magic (NEW)
For Audrey
Gleam Me Up (crackle)
Lubu Heels
Smoke and Ashes

left to right:
Jade Is The New Black
The "IT" Color
My Private Jet
Black Shatter

left to right:
Melt your popsicle (NEW)
Mint Mojito

left to right:
Dear My Blooming Nails - #05 Thrilling Red
Dear My Blooming Nails - #04 In Love Pink
Dear My Nails - DPK 001 Pick Pink
Dear My Nails - DGR 703 Mink Mint
Dear My Nails - DPP 504 Bye Violet

left to right:
Petite Darling - GR 609 (NEW)
Ice Cream Nail - QR 202
Crackling Nail Polish in Blue (NEW)
Mermaid Blue Glitter (NEW)

Korea Assorted
left to right:
Nature Republic - BL 507
Nature Republic - BL 509
Nature Republic - BE 103
The Face Shop - GR 501
The Face Shop - RD 302

Other Brands
left to right:
Blaze - Lucky Charm to Nighttime Affair
Deborah Lippman - Happy Birthday
Nubar - G 188 2010
Exposed - Black Velvet (NEW)

Please support thanks :)

[REVIEW] Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist for wavy hair

It's funny I've been using this mist since August but yet only manage to find a time to properly review about it! Had too much in mind lately! The latter half of 2013 has been an unexpected.

So today, for all the wavy hair ladies! Mine is natural by the way :P teehee~ Here I am introducing a way to mold your curl and hold it! As you will see below, I have natural curl but it was messy and the shape of curl wasn't really intact (if you know what I mean)

So normally before I head out, I'll do some SUPEREASY trick to my hair, making the curl more define :)
and introducing this Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist for wavy hair!

Direction of use: Spray the middle half of your hair about 2-4cm from your hair!
don't worry unlike hair spray, this product is actually somehow a moisturizer that benefit your hair. Therefore, spray as much as you want!

SMELL SO DIVINELY SWEET! I love sweet fruity smell and I love it on my hair :)
As simple as that, here you go my hair after the spray!

See the curl?! Pictures tell you thousands words. What is the point of saying so much about a product but it doesn't really show an effect?!

The Good
♥ It defines the curl as it claims to!
curly bouncy hair that last whole day long~

The Bad
✖ It wasn't as moisturizing as it is for me
I need to pump hair oil before I spray this :)

My advise is, use your daily hair oil/ hair moisturizing product and top it with liese mist!
that way you would have soft glossy perfect curly hair for the day.

that's all my love for Liese Juicy Shower, till then


It's Complicated

It has been awhile since I blog..geez things has been moving way way too fast recently.
Maybe I met more interesting people, Maybe I've learn to open up more
Maybe I am lonely, Maybe I need some love. I don't know.
but one thing for sure I am not like the picture below anymore.

Lately has been addicted to quotes. Am I being emo? or I am just hormonal unbalance?
guess...I just wanna share something here. something aside of review and more review.

whack it, I should just chill with a cup of chocolate ice blended instead!
At least this time around it was a little happier than the previous emo quotes right? :)


[REVIEW] Absolute Nails Pedicure and Manicure

This marks the first pedicure and manicure sponsorship to ladyck :) wohoo!
I am really honest here that this time around I had the most enjoyable pedi mani ever
Due to my personal schedule I had been super busy to take care of my nails.

My dead skins were piling up like mad! like minions* (okay that doesn't make sense)
anyway it's just so amazing. I sit there play my phone, watch TV broadcast for long 1.5 hours
and the whole process is sooo SUANG! :)

There are so many colors to choose from~whatever kind of brands.
cute, sexy, sweet, lady like, simple design? You name it!

 My nails were a little too short for fancy fancy nail art, but I told them I love something sweet and cute
I give them the freedom to explore all kind of style to my nails, regardless any colors

Dainty CUTE, isn't it!!!
and here is for my toes!

Do you see how bright and clean my toes are! Feels so good to have nice looking nails.
so book you appointment today! here is promotion and store details :)

Absolutely Nails
Blk 82, Marine Parade Central, #01-620, Singapore 440082
+65 6345 3303


[REVIEW] Hada Labo ES for Sensitive Skin

Guess what product I am going to introduce today?

Something awesome for SENSITIVE SKIN of yours and mine!
and that is ..... Hada Labo ES!

I have been painfully fighting eczema lately, for sensitive skin people like me it's really sad when you don't know what product you should use that works and mild on your skin. When Hada Labo first launch ES series I was having an EYES ECZEMA, the area around my eyes were so dry like a wrinkled paper. It was filled with red bumps and patches. Painful as it is. I stop using all other product and mainly using Hada Labo ES toner and petroleum jelly.

*Honestly I am not sure if I could use petroleum jelly around my eyes/face, but that's the best product that works so far. 

Hada Labo ES is as gentle as water plus ultra hydration because our skin deserve the best~

2 key ingredients for the ES series:
1.) 3 kinds of HYALURONIC ACID from normal to nano that effectively ultra hydrate all skin layers from top to the innermost layer of your skin. Making your skin remarkably smooth, soft and supple
2.) ZINC GLUCONATE to nourish, condition and protect sensitive skin from the harsh environment

Hada Labo ES series is pH balanced and passed the low irritation stringent test

Hada Labo ES accompanied with their famous 5 additives free formulas
NO Fragrances, NO Colorant, NO Alcohol, NO Mineral Oil, NO Preservatives

the texture is the lightest among all other Hada Labo lotion I tried and owned. It's as light and clear as water, but when you tap to your skin it feels instantly hydrates without leaving our skin heavy.

So in conclusion, I love this toner, work well even when I have eczema attack, mild on skin and hydrates deep into our skin. Skin feels light and soft. Love the texture very very much. I should say Hada Labo ES and Hada Labo Hydration lotion are my favorite lotion of all time :)

Hada Labo ES series is available exclusively in Guardian outlets islandwide.

Price as follow:
ES Cleansing Foam Wash (160ml) $16.90
ES Lotion (170ml) $25.90
ES Milk moisturizer (140ml) $25.90
ES Makeup Remover (150ml) $20.90


[REVIEW] Liese Hair Spray - Super Hard and Free Arrange

I have a super messy curly hair that I was born with. I love my curls but it can get so annoying when it get out of place! messy business it is. Whenever I go to hair salons, they always say my curls are beautiful, but I need to use hair styling products to keep it in place. Believe me I tried, but I just can't find one that suit my hair, always feel so lost about it.

My woes with hair styling product is
 makes my hair oily after couple hours
 makes my hair DRY and FRIZZY
 makes my hair way too hard
 makes my hair sticky

After few attempt of using hair styling product, I gave up. I am honestly not expecting much from Liese but willing to give it a try. So let me tell you this, I will be very very honest today. Real honest with my review.

Liese Free Arrange Hair Spray

I am a practical person, let's skip on how this spray works, you can read it here

What I like about Liese Free Arrange Hair Spray
 Not Heavy/ Weighing down your hair
 Lightweight with nice smell
 Define my curl more tidy :)
 Not Sticky AT ALL
 More volume

I spray it to my half bottom hair and do you see how amazing it tame my flaway frizzy hair?

My curl has definitely more in shape and in tact without limping my hair down. Volume look check, Tidy curl check.

I love how the spray doesn't harden my hair makes it flow so naturally as if I am using nothing, I can easily still comb my hair (If I would) or do another style. Hair is definitely more manageable, curl are more define and glossy. I have been using this almost everyday to work/date, and my curl last me the whole day and night without making it oily. Definitely 100% love it.

Liese Super Hard Hair Spray

More product information here

If you ask me I would tell you Free Arrange is good for everyday use, casual date etc while Super Hard is more suitable for dinner or events where you need to style you hair up and down and make sure it is intact as it is before and after :)
I tried to make a simple hair style and to use Super Hard to hold the look.

When I heard SUPER HARD, I thought my hair is going to be hard as a rock as I spray it but hell no! it's hold the hair without making it look hard. Do you see my bouncy curl as it is?

After taking so much time with pictures, and cleaning up room, doing all laundry my hairstyle is still intact :)
Remember to spray to inner layers of hair to create more volume, I have been using super hard whenever I am going for an event or dinner with special people. It doesn't smell like hair spray and it doesn't frizzy out your hair! Ah...this is super good for bangs too, to keep it the way we want it to be. I can have a good hair day everyday!


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